Virgin Mobile services and extras

Virgin Mobile is part of the Virgin Media company that’s a subsidiary of the US Virgin Media owned by Virgin Group owner billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Over the past 10 years Virgin Media has grown out to become the primary telecommunications company in the UK. Although the company had the original scope of providing TV channels, today, Virgin Media is famous for having the fastest broadband connections available for their clients and lately, their excellent mobile services are very popular.

What makes Virgin Mobile services popular?

The fact that it’s not held as an exclusive service and it’s available for everyone on all sorts of budget. You decide how much you pay each month from as few as GBP 6 up to GBP 55 (which also gives you the latest model of iPhone) and you do have the right not to sign any contract if you don’t wish you. With the Pay as you Go service you are not bonded by any contracts. Today, you can find the best possible services at Virgin Mobile.

Another reason why the services are so popular is because the clients get access to use the 2 million + hotspots which are located all across the country offering free WiFi connection, the extra speedy internet and the great online and phone support services which are toppled by the community page you can get to find by visiting the Virgin Mobile website.

What are all the additional services Virgin Media offers?

Virgin Mobile services are also very popular due to the fact that there are loads of additional services offered by the company and these services are for everyone ( especially for those acquiring one of the monthly plans) these extra services include the following:

Data rollover options: you can keep the data you did not use up the previous month and it would automatically add up to your next month’s data.

You can take your own phone number with you: no matter which mobile supplier you were with before, you can get to keep your old phone number. This is as practical as it can get

SAFE Security system: internet needs to be protected and with this extra feature the protection is straight up ensured. The service is for free for each new clients for a 12 month period of time.

No extra fee on roaming in 43 EU countries and data cap on roaming fees which helps you keep track of your costs and limit your roaming costs in the same time.

4G data speed: this is the average required data speed which now comes with all the mobile phones and Virgin Mobile would not go lower than that.

You can purchase up to 20 GB data per month

You can get to purchase a plan from as few as GBP 8 per month and you can get a device along with it from GBP 12/month. No extra fees and upfront fees are required to be paid.

As you can see there are tons of advantages to being a Virgin Mobile client. Call Virgin Mobile for more information.