Virgin Mobile- phone insurance

It’s great to get a device insured especially if your device is still brand new, because you can never know what happens. Although your phone can now be easily located and found, especially with the F-Secure App, this coverage proves to be not enough all the time. If your device gets damaged, lost or stolen it’s great to be aware, that you have an insurance to help you cover the repairing costs and last but not least, you would not only get a replacement device within 24 hours, but you will also get a brand new device in return. Of course there are a lot more things to learn about the insurance. Let’s see how it works and what protection would it give to you.

The insurance is for free for new clients of Virgin Mobile, however there are extra options one can acquire.

But for sure there are some people who are especially in need of a phone insurance. These include the following:

The insurance Virgin Media offers is covered by Asurion Insurance Company. Let’s see what the insurance covers you from:

The insurance brings you cover both in and outside the United Kingdom. Another great feature of the company is, that in case you are unable to use your phone and report it right away by calling the phone number provided, the insurance company will provide you with a quality replacement device you can use until your new phone arrives or your old phone is fixed. You will also get a pre-paid envelope so that you can use it for sending in the damaged or broken down phone. This way it’s all free. You have 15 days to send your damaged device in however.

On the Virgin media website there is access to view the full insurance policy and all the terms and conditions which apply. Everyone is highly advice to read these through.

How to sign up for the insurance:

All you need to do is to simply sign up for Virgin Media Protect that’s freely offered for all those who have a monthly paid plan.

Monthly premiums: the premium fee depends on the exact value of your phone. When you sign up for the service you will get a detailed information on the value. This is also true for the excess fees.

The monthly premiums per device and in value they range from GBP 4 to GBP 14.

In parallel, the claim excess fees also vary according to model with their value varying between GBP 30 to GBP 150.

Additional Mobile Rescue technical service: when you are in need of help you can freely use the Mobile rescue service that’s an online community service also connected with the technical support line. This way you can instantly ask and get an answer to your issue within a few minutes or even less.

Call Virgin Media for more information or visit the Virgin Mobile website to sign up for any of the plans.