Virgin Mobile:

Virgin mobile is the newest service of the company which makes it a full-on telecommunications company. The mobile deals range from the cheapest Pay as you Go SIM and data SIM deals to the monthly deals which also allow clients to buy a brand new device along with their plan, without any addiional payment. In addition all contracted clients will get access to the following services:

Earn money when you would like to:

Virgin Media is the only telecommunication company which offer clients the chance to earn some cash on top of other rewards:

Sell your old device: all you need is to follow the process and send in your old device. Virgin Media works with very good prices and you will get your payment within 15 days counting from the receipt of your phone.

Reward system: if you make any friend of yours order or purchase a specific deal or package both of you will be rewarded with cash. You can learn more on the exact deals and the whole process on the website or call Virgin Media for more information.