How to refer a friend and earn some money on top of it all

There are very few companies in the world which, besides offering great deals for their clients they also offer some extra chances to make some cash. Luckily Virgin Media Mobile is one of these few companies. So, if you are short on money at the end of the month, need some extra cash to purchase an item or just would be glad to save up that little bit more, then use this program for both your and your friends’ good. Let’s introduce you to the Virgin Mobile referral program this time around.

Virgin Mobile offers fantastic opportunities for those who are clients of the company and would like to offer some great deals for their friends. The award system has been a long-time favourite out of all the services the company has on offer and for a good reason: you won’t only be offered coupons, percentages and deductions: you are offered real money. And this is a big deal. Let’s learn step by step how this program works.

About the Virgin Mobile referral program

Mobile recycling is just one out of the money making options offered by Virgin Mobile: you can also get some extra if you decide to join the referral program of the company: if you refer a phone deal and refer it to a friend of yours. Each phone deals worth with a different reward system. If your friend decides to pick the chosen deal both of you will get a reward. There are all sorts of great referral deals on show on the website of Virgin Media. Their overall referral reward generally ranges between GBP 20 and GBP 110.

It’s essential that you do the referential on the quick contact form that you can find on Virgin Mobile website. You will need to fill out the details appropriately and follow the instructions on the page to send it to one or more friends appointed by you. You can also refer a friend without any specific phone deals, however different conditions may apply. Your friend has 30 days to sign up counting from the date the offer has been sent to him or her by you.

The good thing about the referral program is, that it really offers great deals including quality devices and great payment options. It’s however essential that your friend does not only sign up but also stays as a Virgin Mobile customer at least 14 days counting from the date of accepting the deal. The best news of this reward system is, that both of you get the reward not just the referee.

You can check and keep track of your referrals once you register online on the Virgin Mobile website. In addition you will have tons of other options to choose from as a client of Virgin Mobile. You can send several referrals to several friends in the same time. Call Virgin Mobile for more information about the referral program.