Virgin Media –Virgin Mobile best offers

Nowadays it’s not easy to find the best and most reliable mobile suppliers no matter which country you live in. When it comes to the UK however, there is one mobile service provider who can ensure the most reliable internet, great prices and offers you the best devices along the line. Let’s get to learn more about the current offers and why it’s best to choose Virgin Mobile services.

  1. You can keep your old number - No more worrying, mass texts and Facebook wall posts. Your old number can stay with you even when you switch to Virgin Mobile services.

  2. The plans already start from GBP 6/month - There are tons of plans to choose from, some of which have been specifically created for those who cannot afford to pay a lot of money each month just for mobile services. The best plan starts from GBP 9, 50 a month and you can get a brand new device with this. And should you change your mind, you can always switch in-between plans

  3. Choose your preferred type of plan - There are several plans to choose from. From the cheapest SIM only and Pay as you Go plans you choose how much commitment you would like to have.

  4. If you already have a bundle you can get tons of extra offers - If you already have your TV and /or broadband at Virgin Media you can count on getting tons of extra offers if you would like to switch to Virgin Mobile services, some of these also include offers when you don’t have to pay for the first one or two months. Data allowance is up to 20GB

  5. Great 99% coverage and extra fast internet - Virgin Media is worldwide famous for having the fastest and most reliable broadband and now it offers the same for the mobile holders too. The network already covers 99% of the total area of the United Kingdom ( you can get more specifics on the areas from the website of Virgin Mobile). On top of this, at Virgin 4G speed broadband is now the required minimum. Therefore your broadband speed is always ensured.

  6. 2 million hotspots to help you - You don’t need to worry and seek for the places offering free WiFi any longer: as a client of Virgin Mobile you are free to connect to one of the 2 million hotspots for WiFi usage. And this will not cost you a penny more and will not involve your monthly internet usage either.

  7. Roaming will not cost you more than using your phone inside the UK - Roaming will not cost you more, if you visit one of the 43 EU countries. This also stands for calls you make for someone residing in one of these 43 countries. In addition if you travel outside the UK, Virgin Mobile has set a natural GBP 51 limit for roaming. This means that there is no way to receive sky high bills after your trip.

For more information give a call for Virgin Mobile Customer Service Number for more information or visit the Virgin Mobile website.